With horror seeds planted by Pittsburgh's Chiller Theatre, this technician by day, writer by night, might be in the midst of penning an itchy tale that manages to worm under your skin or maybe a gruesome ditty that you'll swear had left welts.

Or he might be lurking around Staying Scared, tinkering on Staying Scared Radio, creating a short film for Slashed Wrists Studio, getting his horror on at the Staying Scared Blog, or adding a piece to the Horror Dollhouse.

Or he might be on a date with Morticia...

Or he might be out clowning around...

I'm the hairy one...

Regardless, after working in the engineering field, constantly feeling the writing itch, he pursued, becoming a freelance correspondent for the Daytona Beach News Journal. This scratched the itch, but left only raised, horror aspirating welts and he converted to fiction.

Also known as Wee Willie Wicked, a sinful, malicious clown who sought solace in film reviews for Horror News Net while Thomas took other avenues, becoming published in publications both electronic and print.

He has an AAS in Design Engineering Technology and lives in Ormond Beach, Florida.

You can contact him HERE

Where Thomas has been published
Steubenville Herald Star
Suspense Magazine
Daytona Beach News Journal
Norgus Press
Open Casket Press
Macabro Xtreme
Dark Fiction Spotlight
Flashes in the Dark
American Chronicle
Suspense Publishing