The Collections

Bloody Walls - A Collection From A Fractured Mind (Self Published )


The Novellas

Twitch (Suspense Publishing)

The Daily Death - How I Killed My Co-Workers in 30 Days (Self Published )


The Suspense Magazine Tales...

Welcome (July 2009) is a warning about the seven deadly sins.

Lickety Split (December 2010) - Two mob two hitmen find out that not all is well in the world of murder.

The Horrors of Easter (April 2011) is a mini anthology that contains three horrific tales surrounding three boys and Easter. I wrote it after realizing that there were no Easter horror tales.

Don't Forget the Fingers: A Guide to the Perfect Zombie Family Picnic (May 2011) is a humorous piece that explores the pitfalls and joys of a zombie family picnic day.

What's the Deal with the Silver Bullet? (August 2012) is an informative article explaining why silver is so important when killing a werewolf.

Interview with a Monster series (March, April, May, June, July 2013) is a series of fictional interviews where Thomas sat down with some of horror's finest and includes Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Phantom of the Opera & a Salem Witch.

The Sidewalk Ends (August 2013) is a dark tale of eventuality.

Trick or Treat (October 2013) is a horrendous tale of a demented prank gone wrong.


The Anthology Tales...

(Open Casket Press' Dead Christmas - A Zombie Anthology) - The Christmas Help details a zombie plague invading the North Pole and how it is dealt with.

(NorGus Press' Look What I Found) - The Pumpkin Patch was the last thing that little Johnny ever found.

(Slay Bells Ringing - A Killer Christmas) - All the Creatures Were Stirring...Even the Mouse is a tale about an elf going off the deep end.

Zombies, the Monsters That Ate a Genre is an editorial piece included in Zombie Writing.


The Other Tales...

A Cup of Sugar (SNM Horror Magazine June 2010) is a witchy tale that isn't so sweet.

The Argument ( LitFest Magazine Sept 2010) is a tale about four classic monsters sitting around a campfire arguing about who is the best.

While You Sleep was the runner-up for LitFest's most suspenseful in July 2010 and surrounds a potential serial killer watching you sleep without you realizing it.